About Us

Welcome to Pro Tackle Walleye Site!

Check out our complete online catalog of quality made fishing lures that are made in the USA and packaged here in Canada.

Our crank and top water baits are not all new and unique, but rather tried and true and are extremely effective. If you are an experienced angler, you may have thrown some of these baits before.

You may have seen similar designs from other manufacturers. Lures offered by Protackle are simply built better. The proven design of each model has caught fish around the world. Our selected lures are designed to catch trophy fish and are built with high quality standards.

We own many molds of various bait designs, some were created by Cotton Cordell and other legendary bait makers. All of our baits are molded in our factory in the states and are painted by Mike Cordell and then sent to us for final assembly.

What makes us better then China made Lures?

We use all quality components from the heavy upgraded red premium Eagle Claw hooks, detailed eyes and stronger split rings. Plus we ensure that we use the highest grade plastics and finish the Supreme Series with quality paints and clear coats. Our aggressive price structuring provides a lower wholesale cost to our dealers with no middleman. This allows us to be competitive with overseas manufacturers.

Protackle lures are 100% guaranteed. Made in the USA with the quality and price that anglers are looking for.

You can now own a premium bait that catches trophy fish without the premium price.

Thank you, good luck fishing!

Stacy Ash, Pro Tackle