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Off Shore Tackle Pro Weight System (or20 Pro Weight System)
Off Shore Tackle OR20 Pro Weight System
Each system includes instructions, four OR16 Pro Snap Weight Clips, four split rings, two of each of the following Pro Guppy Weights: 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz., 1 oz., 1 1/2 oz., 2 oz., and 3 oz. All contained in a plastic tackle box. This system is used off of flat lines, dual & triple planer boards and side planer boards as snap weights or in line weights.

Price: $89.99 Approx. US Price: $62.09
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Off Shore Tackle OR36 1 Resettable Diving Weight (Tadpole or36 #1)

Off Shore Tackle OR36 1 Resettable Diving Weights

Each OR36 1 includes
One Size 1 Tadpole Weight
Two Coast Lock Snaps

You simply use this Tadpole weight to get your lure down deeper and it trips when a fish is on. This Tadpole Size 1 weighs approximately 1 oz. This item is powder coated for long lasting durability.

Price: $11.99 Approx. US Price: $8.27
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Offshore planer boards (OR12)
The OR12L Side Planer is carefully ballasted to run flawlessly in rough water off of your rod line. This item does NOT come with the Tattle Flag Upgrade on it. You would have to purchase the OR12TF to convert the board a Tattle Flag board. Ideal for Walleye and most fresh water fish.

Free Shipping on tackle/reel orders in CANADA over $150 before taxes. (Free shipping for our USA customers on orders over $200 CND$)...Excludes large items: rods,nets and tackle boxes which all have additional shipping charges

Price: $60.99 Approx. US Price: $42.08
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Offshore Tackle Pro Clips (OR16)
This half size clip has an extra heavy spring tension and includes a split ring. You simply position your fishing line behind the pin that protrudes through the center of the pads to hold your snap weight securely on the line. This item is ideal of use with snap weight fishing and super braid lines.
You can also use this clip on the OR12 and OR31 Side Planers.

Price: $20.99 Approx. US Price: $14.48
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Offshore Tackle Snapper (OR18)
Off Shore Tackle OR18 Snapper Adjustable Tension In Line Planer Board Release With Lock Nut
This release is made to attach to the bracket of our OR12 Side Planer, OR31 Side Planer SST and OR37 SST Pro Mag Planer.

Price: $24.99 Approx. US Price: $17.24
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Offshore Tackle Stacker (OR2)
This release is ideal for Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout using 10-25 pound test monofilament line.
Price: $23.99 Approx. US Price: $16.55
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Offshore Tackle Tattle Flag (OR12TF)
Each kit includes flag, two OR16 clips, wire, spring, washer, screw eye, split ring, 6/32 screw and instructions. One kit will upgrade one OR12L, OR12R, OR31L, or OR31R Side Planer.
Price: $42.99 Approx. US Price: $29.66
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